Acai Plus TriUnity | Acai Plus Review

by JustinVerrengia on December 2, 2011

Acai Plus TriUnity | Acai Plus Review

If your interested in nutrition and staying healthy then continue reading this Acai Plus TriUnity Review.

The Acai Plus TriUnity is a product that contains the world renowned Acai berry and in this smoking gun 3rd party Acai Plus Review you will be told the honest facts.Acai Plus Review

The berry in Acai Plus is native to South America and is commonly used in dishes there.

The company that produces Acai Plus is TriUnity.

Acai Plus TriUnity is known for multiple health products such as Acai Plus.

This Acai Plus Review will reveal many factors about the product and the company.

Let’s start with how exactly the Acai berry in Acai Plus TriUnity works in this Acai Plus Review.

The main ingredient in Acai Plus TriUnity works in two phases.

  • The first being by detoxifying the body. Acai Plus takes the cholesterol in the blood and reduces it while at the same time using the natural cellulose in the Acai Plus TriUnity to streamline the digestive and vascular processes.
  • The second phase to the Acai Plus TriUnity and how it works is by speeding the metabolic function within your body. The Acai berry itself is high in antioxidants. This aids in the damage of cells and thus provides fat burning characteristics.

Just like any health product or program if you eat burgers, while watching television everyday the results will be little to none.

The Acai Plus TriUnity product is no different.

This Acai Plus Review is meant to give you unbiased information on the product and the company.

I must tell you honestly, if your looking for a product that you can literally do nothing and lose weight without major surgery, well then it hasn’t been invented yet.

But, if the manufactures of Acai Plus TriUnity make some new innovations you’ll be the first to know it here on my blog. ;-)

Acai Plus TriUnity | Acai Plus Review

So what about the Acai Plus product and business costs? Are you going to spend an arm and a leg on this thing?

Well, that all depends if the Acai Plus product is worth it to you?

Each 700MG pill of Acai Plus contains about 400MG of pure Acai berry not an extracted version.

It also contains 400MG of Guarana seed extract, 40MG of Green Tea extract, 40MG of Acetyl L-Carnitine and 5MG of Chromium Polynicotinate.

At $64.42 for a one month’s supply of Acai Plus it is quite affordable compared to other network marketing health companies.

If you order a 4 month order you can get the Acai Plus product for twenty bucks less a month.

So what type of commissions can you expect from a product that promotes weight loss?

Most Acai Plus TriUnity | Acai Plus Reviews online don’t share with you the commissions and pay plan.

Why is this?

Because most people are trying to sell you the Acai Plus product.

Well we don’t have that bias here.

Let’s break down the pay plan and figure out if it’s something most people can generate an income from.

There are 3 different entry points you can enter the pay plan.

The company Acai Plus TriUnity creates many health products.

If you order one of their products at an auto ship (monthly commitment) of $30 you are a Silver distributor for Acai Plus.

If you spend $60 a month and order two products on monthly auto ship you are considered a Gold distributor in Acai Plus.

When you commit at least $120 a month and have four products on auto ship you qualify for the Platinum distributor position.

They do have an affiliate position but it has a price at $14 a month.

You also cannot start generating an income till you upgrade to their Affiliate membership at $30 a month.

Each level of your downline, up to 8 levels deep you can be compensated on in Acai Plus.

The first level being 20%, the second 10% and the third level through eight you earn 5%.

The income potential is definitely there Acai Plus.

In this Acai Plus Review we clearly showed that.

Especially in this genre of society.

Everywhere you go health products are being marketed in mass number, with advertisements to stay healthy, and labels that claim more vitamins have been added.

The Acai Plus definitely has a niche in this health & nutrition driven age.

Unlike many services health products are among the most reliable to market online.

In this Acai Plus Review I shared with you all the details of Acai Plus and its business.

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Yours in mastery,

Justin Verrengia

Acai Plus TriUnity

 Acai Plus TriUnity | Acai Plus Review


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