ACN Scam | ACN Complaints Of ACN MLM

by JustinVerrengia on September 20, 2011

ACN Scam | ACN Complaints Of ACN MLMACN Scam

The primary purpose of this ACN Scam | ACN Complaints Of ACN MLM review is to inform and equip you with vital information about the ACN MLM so you can make a solid intelligent decision about the ACN company.

Weeding through the myriad of ACN Scam reviews along with various ACN complaints I bring to you “The Truth“.

The ACN MLM is basically a multi level marketing business opportunity with a communications product line consisting of TV and phone related products and services.

What this means is the ACN company itself does not spend any money in advertising, however, instead they pay ACN reps  to promote the ACN opportunity on their behalf.

ACN which was founded in 1993 just hit the 18 year mark of being in business and their flagship product is a pretty nifty video phone device.

Donald Trump endorses ACN which was featured on his Celebrity Apprentice TV show. Yes, even billionaires like Donald Trump promote the MLM business model and consider it one of the smartest ways to become wealthy.

ACN Scam Products & Services

The ACN MLM offers the ACN rep both local and long distant phone services in the traditional home sense as well as in the digital sense equipped with advanced video technology built into the phone itself.

ACN MLM Start Up Cost

The actual start up cost to join the ACN MLM is a $500 one-time cost as well as a $149 yearly fee in order to remain a active ACN rep.

In addition to the cost above, the ACN rep website package is going to also cost you roughly $30 a  month.

To break it down real simple for you, it’s going to cost you $500 one time and about $43/month to remain a active ACN rep with your own website.

Because of the high cost to get started critics have written a plethora of ACN Scam reports with relentless ACN complaints.

ACN Scam | ACN Complaints Of ACN MLMACN Complaints

Fact – About 95% of all network marketers fail and never make any money.

Then even the 5% who make money, 4% of them don’t make any stable long term residual income because of poor retention.

The average annual retention rate in MLM is less than 10%.

Meaning if you build a downline of 100 ACN reps, in 1 year you are lucky if 10 of those 100 are still active in the business.

This is why you will find an abundance of ACN reviews which state “ACN SCAM” or “ACN Complaints”.

Your chances of making stable long term passive income is literally less than 1% inside this MLM industry hence why you will see and hear ACN Scam and ACN Complaints all over the web.

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ACN Scam | ACN Complaints Of ACN MLM


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