ASEA Scam | ASEA Distributors Beware

by JustinVerrengia on September 30, 2011

ASEA Scam | ASEA Distributors Beware

Attention all ASEA distributors as well as ASEA prospects considering possibly joining the ASEA Scam MLM Opportunity.ASEA Scam

It is absolutely paramount you read this “ASEA Scam | ASEA Distributors Beware” article thoroughly through to the end.

The ASEA Scam all began approximately a whopping 17 years ago.

A group of scientist, health engineers as well as medical professionals created a formula which helped stabilize the human body from foreign molecules.

Thus the ASEA Scam was created even though this ASEA formula was originally created as an anti-aging immune system enhancer, ASEA eventually figured out that it also helped greatly increase ones level of anti-oxidants.

For the sake of not boring you to death with scientific terms of how this whole process works, just note the ASEA product is renowned for its anti-aging cell regeneration magic, as well as it’s powerful immune system enhancements.

The group of owners of the ASEA Scam have a successful combined background in the traditional corporate business world, but keep in mind this is their very 1st time venturing off into the majestic world of network marketing.

Their target was to share the ASEA Scam via the network marketing business model to the masses as fast as humanly possible so they can help people become healthier.

However, let us not forget that when the main focus is getting ASEA product in the hands of the masses A.S.A.P. and you have zero prior experience in this industry, the problem may be not being able to properly teach ASEA distributors how to market to the right prospects in an effective and duplicatable manner.

ASEA provides a vehicle to makes serious money, however without proper education inside network marketing this is all a pipe dream.

ASEA Scam Compensation Plan

The ASEA compensation plan is a binary system in which you have 2 different legs of  ASEA distributors to build and keep in harmonious balance.

You earn money in the ASEA Scam a multitude of different ways including:

  • Retail Sales Commission
  • Preferred Customer Bonus
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Team Commissions
  • Directors Bonus
  • Leadership Pool
  • Check Match

ASEA Scam | ASEA Distributors Beware

Bottom Line: I personally have never used the ASEA product but it does sound like a really fantastic product and with today’s worldwide health crisis (especially in U.S.A.) I have no doubt that this supplement can help benefit the health of the masses.

The issue I do see with the ASEA Scam is not within the product or compensation plan, however within the lack of proper education as well as “effective” marketing training.

This industry suffers from poor duplication as well as AWFUL retention and the main reason for this is due to the fact that ASEA distributors as well as independent distributors of MLM in general have no idea how to successfully market and promote themselves.

I put together this FREE MLM Training to help drastically increase your chances of succeeding in this industry.

It will teach you how I personally sponsored 178 Reps into my MLM within 12 months while building a healthy team of over 1,200 distributors.

Thanks for reading this “ASEA Scam | ASEA Distributors Beware” review.

Yours in mastery,

ASEA Distributors

ASEA Scam | ASEA Distributors Beware


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