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by JustinVerrengia on July 20, 2011

eFoods Global RevieweFoods Global

This smoking gun eFoods Global review is critical for you to read in it’s entirety if you are considering possibly joining the eFoods Global business opportunity or consuming ANY of eFoods product line.

eFoods Global is a powerful new network marketing opportunity which officially launched in October of 2010.

They are actually a sister company of eFoods Direct which has over 25 years experience with ground-breaking food innovations and products.

Their home office is located in Midvale, Utah while all their products are manufactured & packaged in their Salt Lake City, Utah warehouse.

eFoods Global has an extensive product line consisting of a multitude of specially formulated dehydrated foods which have a whopping shelf life of over 15 years.

It’s the 15 year shelf life of eFoods Global products which make this business opportunity so remarkable in my honest opinion.

Not only that but they also “claim” that they don’t use any MSG poisons in their eFood products.

If this is true then I am quite impressed with eFoods because if people were aware of how much MSG poison is in the everyday food they eat then this might be the most explosive business opportunity in the world.

Canned foods at your local grocery store typically only last for about 2 years if that PLUS they are LOADED with all kinds of nasty cancer causing MSG poisons.

Not only that but MSG poisons are also scientifically proven to calcify the pineal gland which in laymen terms means “Reduce your IQ and basically dumb you down“.

eFoods has a special process they use to dehydrate their food with CO2 giving their products an unparalleled advantage over their competition.

This is especially significant in these present times of a an economic meltdown, police state, famine crisis, drought emergency or in the event of a “NEW WORLD ORDER.”

Let’s be real, government organizations already completely monopolize as well as control our food supplies.

Bottom Line, whoever controls  our food and water supply, controls the people and eFoods Global gives us the opportunity to prepare for emergencies and difficult times which are without a doubt approaching humanity and this earth.

The CEO of eFoods Global is Steve Shenk who has an impressive business background going back over 35 years.

Efoods Global has an affordable $29.95 investment in order to become a independent sales representative.

eFoods Global Compensation Plan

eFoods uses a binary comp plan meaning you must build, balance and maintain both a left and right leg.

Sales commissions are earned on direct product sales, personal sponsorships, reward points, matching bonuses, as well as additional streams of income.

As you can see from reading this eFoods Global Review that this business opportunity has a lot of positives.

However, on the flip side of that coin there is 1 negative that comes to mind after critically reviewing and analyzing eFoods Global.

  • They are currently only doing business in the United Stated of America and not a Global opportunity YET.

On there website it states “Canada will be sometime late in 2011 & we won’t even begin to look at other countries until late in 2012″.

As we both already know, when building a MLM business there is a whole lot more money to be made in a global marketplace which is massive and expanding rapidly with the unprecedented growth of the Internet.

Top income producers of eFoods Global as well as other various MLM companies all understand the importance of lead generation.

Internet marketing gives us the unparalleled advantage to generate an abundance of leads from any location on earth… granted you have computer access with an internet connection.

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