Empower Network Review | Has David Wood Gone Mad?

by JustinVerrengia on November 12, 2011

Empower Network Review | Has David Wood Gone Mad?

This vital Empower Network Review exposes the truth behind the brand new marketing system Internet Network Marketing gurus David Wood and David Sharpe have recently launched.Empower Network Review

David Wood of the Empower Network (EN) claims to be breaking all records inside our industry with this new blog network system so inside this Empower Network review I will literally expose EM for what it truly is.

So let’s first take a look at the facts and then critique from there inside this Empower Network Review as I hate hype more than the next man.

EM recently announced paying out over $600,000 in sales commissions within their first 2 weeks since its inception.

Okay, let’s stop right there my friend.

How in the heck are those insane numbers even possible?

The answer is…

It’s all possible and a reality because of the fact that the Empower Network pays out 100% commissions instantly, directly into YOUR bank account!

With 100% commissions being paid out, no wonder it’s breaking all sales records in our industry.

Empower Network Review | How Is This Possible?

I know the next question you’re thinking right now while reading this Empower Network Review because I thought the SAME exact thoughts.

“Why in the world would David Wood of the Empower Network want to pay out 100% commissions, this doesn’t make any sense, what’s the catch?” David Wood

After diligently analyzing EM for almost 2 weeks and speaking with David Wood himself I come to discover there is no catch, there are no gimmicks, and there are absolutely no gotchas.

David Wood and co-founder of EM David Sharpe make their money the same exact way all the members do, by blogging and sharing their blog site with others.

Next let’s take a look at the amount of traffic this blog network is already receiving by going to Alexa.com and checking it our for yourself.

According to Alexa.com as of today the Empower Network is currently ranked the 11,240 most visited website in the WORLD as well as being ranked 893 from within the United States of America.

This by far surpasses the most exponential growth I have ever witnessed inside my 5 years of full time online marketing expertise.


And if you know David Wood, you know the man it built on integrity and love.

Straight up!

I have the feeling that this remarkable system is going to put all the other Internet Network Marketing systems out of business because in all honesty here, there is NO competition.

100% commissions is revolutionary to say the least.

Empower Network Review | Has David Wood Gone Mad?

After performing my critical Empower Network Review and analysis on David Wood and this ground-breaking blog network I decided to dive right in and become a member because I am still literally BLOWN AWAY.

No, David Wood has not lost his marbles but quite to the contrary he took the love approach and decided to pay it forward to you and I, so therefore I got nothing but love for my Costa Rican brother from another mother.

Within my first 2 days of promoting EN I generated over 80 leads so far as well as several sales which are now recurring residual monthly incomes.

This Empower Network Review proves that this system is a BIG FAT CASH COW and I’m flabbergasted at it’s conversions and excited to be an empowered member as I will be using this blog network as a lead generation system for building my primary network marketing business opportunity.

Empower Network Review | How Can This Benefit YOU?

Utilizing the same exact blog network that David Wood uses himself personally to blog daily is in fact one of the most powerful ways to generate leads and residual income online and I stand by that statement from extensive personal experience inside this industry.

Ready to have an infinite supply of prospects chasing and hunting you down to join your network marketing business opportunity?

Click Here to check out the Empower Network by David Wood

… and Decide For Yourself!

Hopefully this Empower Network Review of the Empower Network David Wood blog marketing system will help you make the smartest business decision of your life.

If you do decide to join under me I will hook you up with additional auto-responders and free goodies, as well as assist you in getting started by offering my professional support.

Thank you David Wood and David Sharpe for putting together this incredible marketing system and a big thank you to YOU for doing the wise thing and taking the time to read this smoking gun Empower Network Review.

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See you at the top…. THE TIP TOP!


Empower Network Review | David Wood


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