GBG Network Marketing

by JustinVerrengia on June 23, 2011

GBG Network Marketing

GBG Network MarketingGBG Network Marketing was founded by GBG CEO Stuart Finger approximately 16 years ago.

GBG is a network marketing business that offers state of the art health and weight loss products.

GBG network marketing is deeply rooted within the health and wellness sector of the Internet.

They have won quite a few awards for sustaining there excellent reputation in this network marketing industry.

GBG stands for, “Guided By God”.

If you have been looking around for the right network marketing business opportunity, you may probably either stumble on or be introduced towards the GBG network marketing opportunity, especially if you might be interested in the health and wellness sector of the market place.

The way folks look at every day health supplements is rapidly changing.

Ever more reports have proven that not only does the physique find it hard to process the items in standard reliable nutritional vitamins, but it also absorbs only a small quantity of the benefits also.

GBG network marketing has five primary products which include their original 10-In-One Super Formula Liquid Vitamin, 10-In-One Super Formula Chewable Vitamin, Willpower In a Bottle Weight Loss Formula, MA + Master Antioxidant Whey Protein Formula, and Meal Replacement Shake Protein Formula.

All of GBG’s above products cost $39.97 and come with a sixty day empty bottle money back guarantee.

Just how much must you shell out month-to-month on autoship so that you can be a part of and continue being an active representative inside the GBG network marketing business opportunity?

Simply buy any 1 of their 5 products for $39.97 and you are considered an active Gold representative.

The GBG business opportunity is totally free with the purchase of any of their five products talked about above.

What helps make GBG a powerhouse as a network marketing company is due to the fact it’s so affordable to get started and their is zero risk to check it out and try it for yourself.

GBG has two positions, 1 is called “Gold” and the other is termed “Platinum”.

To be a Gold rep all you need to do is simply get on autoship for any 1 of their five products.

GBG network marketing is the ideal business model.

The Platinum position is for the really serious networkers.

As a Platinum rep it qualifies you to get paid 10 times the amount as you would as a Gold.

While you may have currently guessed, the BIG MONEY is in the Platinum position.

This is an exciting observation…

The CEO of GBG, Stuart Finger, is compensated within the very same plan as each of the other associates inside the organization. In principle, then, any affiliate can reach a level of residual income as substantial as the CEO.

GBG network marketing is a 2×10 forced matrix which expands to 2×30 while you progress by way of the program.

You will find quite a few methods to get compensated, but fundamentally as a Gold you must have at the least 2 people to start out generating any money and as a platinum you’re automatically qualified to begin making profits.

So, the compensation plan is well-designed for each the part-time as well as the full-time representative.

Having said that, GBG scores an overall 2 thumbs-up.

GBG network marketing is a real network marketing business opportunity.

With the right advertising system in place, the GBG network marketing company is as close as it gets to an entirely automated home based business.

GBG is now within the process of expanding internationally.

At this moment they are in the United States Of America, Canada, in addition to Africa with plans of launching in other countries later this year.

Bottom line, GBG Network Marketing in my opinion from my own personal experience is a 16 year old start up company with poor leadership.

As a former distributor of GBG Network Marketing who has personally enrolled 195 reps and built a pretty sizeable organization I would not recommend the GBG opportunity to my worst enemy.

2 Reasons why…

  1. CEO of GBG Mr. Stuart Finger decided to cut 2/3rds of ALL the leaders residual income which was personally promised by Stu for the rest of our lives.
  2. No long term residual income with poor annual retention, consistent comp plan changes as well as product price changes.

There are better, far stable residual income vehicles out there. :)

Thank you my friend for taking the time out to read this GBG Network Marketing review.

All the best,

Justin Verrengia
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GBG Network Marketing


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