Genewize Life Sciences Review

by JustinVerrengia on July 4, 2011

Genewize Life Sciences ReviewGenewize Life Sciences

Genewize Life Sciences is a custom DNA nutritional based network marketing company offering genetically guided nutrition.

They officially launched in August of 2008.

Genewize Life Sciences is a marketing branch for “GeneLink” which is a 16 year old publicly traded company.

What makes Genewize so remarkable is their revolutionary product which is unique according to each and every individuals DNA.

I know this is going to sound like something straight  out of a sci-fi film, however, the Golden Age is now upon us.

You will receive a easy to do at home DNA test involving a cotton swab you insert into your mouth which records an individuals genetic makeup.

This then gets sent out to a lab which is where the DNA is tested to see what area of nutrition one is lacking.

Genewize can manipulate about 100 different ingredients into over 177,000 variations forming a unique nutritional supplements based on an individuals specific DNA blueprint.

Genewize Life Sciences supplies our individually unique bodies with the precise supplements it needs.

This is a huge breakthrough in science and cutting-edge technology.

All of this comes backed with a 90 day money back guarantee so it’s 100% risk free to the customer which is an excellent selling feature.

Genwize Life Sciences uses the all-mighty MLM business model so you can build a income by building a network of distributors if you choose.

Genewize has a binary compensation plan where you build 2 different legs (teams) at the same time.

The binary compensation plan is used by Monavie, Agel and other MLM companies which have produced record-breaking figures.

Some people love binary compensation plans and others aren’t big fans.

Being it is popular in the MLM health and wellness sector amongst some of the most successful companies shows you that it does work and can work for you if your positioned to build the Genewize organization.

Genewize Life Sciences is precisely positioned within the next Trillion dollar industry of health and wellness.

With their revolutionary product advancements it’s no wonder why so many of this industries biggest hitters have joined forces with Genewize Life Sciences.

The biggest secret to successfully building Genewize Life Sciences or any other legitimate MLM Companies online comes down to the system you have in place along with how many leads you are able to generate on a daily basis using that system.

What do all the top Internet Network Marketers all have in common?

7 Figure Attraction Marketing

Lets face it, we’re already half way through 2011 and approaching the mysterious 2012 date.

“The Golden Age” is here and if you aren’t using a duplicatable online marketing system, then you’re completely missing the boat and don’t stand a chance in Genewize Life Sciences or this competitive industry.

Are you going to wait until Government agencies worldwide disclose the fact that Extraterrestrials are real and have been visiting our planet for thousands of years before discovering it out on your own?

For those metaphorically inclined it means, are you going to wait until the Myan prophecies comes to past in 2012 before figuring out that YOU NEED a online marketing system in place to succeed at Internet Network Marketing?

Thanks for reading this Genewize Life Sciences Review.

Get on board and let’s go conquer the Internet!

Cheers to that next big Sputnik moment for humanity,

Justin Verrengia
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Genewize Life Sciences


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