Global Resorts Network Review

by JustinVerrengia on July 16, 2011

Global Resorts Network ReviewGlobal Resorts Network Review

This Global Resorts Network review is based upon my personal experience building my Global Resorts Network business.

I will also be covering my horrific Gold Crown Resort experience within this Global Resorts Network Review so be sure ot read through to the end of this Global Resorts Network Review.

In 2007 I forked out $3,300 to join Global Resorts Network through a popular online marketing system at that time called “The Reverse Funnel System.”

The platinum Global Resorts Network membership actually cost me $2,995 to be exact and $300 a month to utilize the Reverse Funnel marketing system hence why I paid a total of $3,300 to join.

The Reverse Funnel SystemĀ  was responsible for paying out over $15 million dollars to it’s reps in Global Resorts Network commission within it’s first year. The following year it stopped converting well so it was abandoned by it’s creator and eventually went under like so many online marketing systems we see come and go.

Global Resorts Network, (also referred to as GRN in this Global Resorts Network review) corporate offices are located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Global Resorts Network officially launched in 2006, however they are partnered with Gold Crown Resort who supplies the travel membership product. Gold Crown Resort has been in business for over 20 years.

The Global Resorts Network product is an exclusive wholesale travel club membership giving you access to over 5,000 luxury resorts from all around the world.

Gold Crown has been selling this exact membership for $8,000 – $15,000 so Global Resorts Network / GRN partnered with them using the network marketing business model and is selling lifetime platinum memberships for $2,995 and gold memberships (good for 3 years) for $1,495.

This product claims you can vacation to exotic 4-5 star resorts in 55 different countries for as low as $299 for a 7 night stay saving you literally thousands of dollars off the retail cost.

I currently reside in Costa Rica and recently attended a timeshare seminar and they were selling the exact Gold Crown membership I have already purchased through Global Resorts Network for around 10K.

I was shocked people are still paying around 10K for a membership. Let’s just say I’m glad I purchased it through GRN for only $2,995.

Besides the affordable luxurious travel options GRN offers it’s members, the exciting part about this business is without a doubt the compensation plan.

Global Resorts Network Review Of The Compensation Plan

On every $2,995 sale, 2K gets paid out in the comp plan, 1K to the seller and 1K to the sellers sponsor. The remaining $995 goes to Global Resorts Network.

To put it another way so you can easily understand, for every GRN sale you generate, you earn a $1,000 sale commission and for every sale your personally sponsored teammates generate earns you $1,000 as well.

This $1,000 roll up commission is paid out to unlimited depth as well as unlimited width, however because GRN is a high ticket opportunity it is more like a glorified direct sales company then a MLM business.

I say this because of my personal experience of being a top sales producer inside of Global Resorts Network back when I was involved with the Reverse Funnel System.

Other well known leaders who were involved in Global Resorts Network and/or the Reverse Funnel System back when I was involved were MLM Guru’s like Jonathan Budd, Chris Campbell, Franco Gonzalez, Don Glanville, Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens & Mark Hoverson.

Why did all these leaders including myself eventually leave Global Resorts Network?

… Simply because there is no true residual income to be made.

Yes we make wonderful $1,000 commissions all day long when we pop personal sales, however when we stop making these sales our income completely diminishes.

The key reason why our income diminishes as soon as we stop making personal sales is because there is close to “zero duplication.”

The average person has a hard enough time marketing a $100 price-point MLM business…

What do think happens when you have average people marketing a $3,000 business opportunity to their friends and family?

You guessed it, the average person cannot even make their first sale so they quit super-fast as soon as they spin their tires and realize they’re never going to make a sale.

This is the biggest problem with high ticket opportunities like Global Resorts Network.

This Global Resorts Network review indicates the GRN opportunity is great for leaders with marketing skills and/or a huge list to make quick direct sale money, however because it’s not duplicatable there is no true long term residual income, not even for marketing Gurus.

Hence the reason why all those leaders I mentioned (7 and even 8 figure income earners) all left Global Resorts Network.

The bottom line about this Global Resorts Network review is that the product is great and can save you a fortune if you’re into traveling and vacationing.

The opportunity is ideal for marketers with big list and lots of lead generation skill as it takes a plethora of leads to be generated on a daily basis in order to make a $3,000 sale in this industry.

I would NOT recommend the income opportunity side of Global Resorts Network to the average person because of personal experience as well as the statistics which show (and I know this from having a leadership position inside of RFS at the time) that the majority of GRN reps never even get to see their first paycheck.

Global Resorts Network Review | My HORRIFIC experience with Gold Crown Resort

When I bought my lifetime platinum Gold Crown membership through Global Resorts Network we were told by GRN and Gold Crown Resort that our memberships are fully transferable.

This is a big fat lie, I attempted to transfer my platinum Gold Crown membership to someone and the only woman in charge of transferring memberships is a disgruntle woman who goes by the alias of Sarah Greene.

Colleen Arrigoni

(Sarah Greene aka Colleen Arrigoni is above in the middle with her husband Joe Arrigoni)

I spoke with her in order to complete my transfer, gathered all the required documentation she requested and sent it out just as directed.

It took 3 months of calling Sarah Greene aka Colleen Arrigoni just about everyday before I finally got a hold of her again on the phone.

After speaking with Sarah Greene aka Colleen Arrigoni she made it quite apparent she don’t care about her customers and she is an unethical liar with absolutely zero customer service skills.

After reading thus far of my Global Resorts Network Review you’ll probably thinking “How can somebody with such bad customer service skills be running a company like this?”… it still boggles my mind.

It makes me really wonder… Why is Global Resorts Network doing business with Sarah Green aka Colleen Arrigoni and Gold Crown Resorts?

So basically after 3 months of chasing her around every day of life she tells me “The option to transfer a membership is a privilege of membership and not a right; the transfer privilege has been revoked from your membership.”

I had a Global Resorts Network teammate also try to transfer her membership and she encountered the same exact problem I ran into with Sarah Greene.

After conducting further research on Google, I later found out Sarah Greene’s real name is Colleen Arrigoni and she along with her husband Joe Arrigoni are in fact the CEO’s of the company and have been running this shady business together under various different aliases.

Here is an interesting article that sums up Sarah Greene and Gold Crown Resort and my complete experience very well:

Global Resorts Network Review Bottom Line:

Run as far away from Gold Crown Resort as you possibly can!!!

I have a gut feeling they will soon be audited by the IRS and investigated by the FBI for scamming so many innocent customers.

Don’t take my word for it but do your own due diligence, Google seems to be full of people who have been scammed by Sarah Greene aka Colleen Arrigoni and Gold Crown Resort.

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As always, thanks for reading my Global Resorts Network Review and thanks for checking out my blog.

All the best mate,

Justin Verrengia
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Global Resorts Network Review


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