Herbalife MLM Review

by JustinVerrengia on July 5, 2011

Herbalife MLM

Herbalife MLM Review

The Herbalife MLM business all started back in February of 1980, over 31 years ago to be exact.

Being in the game for over 30 years makes Herbalife a pioneer in the network marketing and health & wellness industry.

In 2010 the Herbalife MLM giant raked in more than 4.3 Billion dollars in sales and has reached 2.1 million active independent distributors throughout 75  countries from all around the world.

Those are incredibly huge record breaking numbers.

With distributors in 75 different nations from all around the world this makes Herbalife International a power-house of an organization.

About 90% percent of the total 4.3 billion dollars in sales commissions were distributed to about 10% of Herbalife International top sales producers.

I’m sure you heard about the old 80/20 or in this case 90/10 rule which is a very common statistic inside the MLM industry.

Herbalife MLM all natural nutritional products are delivered fresh, backed with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Many of the Herbalife products are used and endorsed by professional athletes, trainers and coaches.

A very important element to consider and take a deep look at is the monthly autoship price to remain active and involved in the company.

The start up fee to get started in the Herbalife MLM business is $49.95.

This will get you on their product, automatically qualifying you to the first level in the Herbalife compensation plan.

Their monthly autoship product is priced less than $50 a month which is a great sign making the business opportunity and product affordable and duplicatable.

The retention rate is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a MLM to join because our residual income depends upon the success of our retention of autoship customers.

As the MLM industry and Internet are consistently evolving well so is the Herbalife MLM which has put together a ground breaking global opportunity with a proven track record.

The Herbalife MLM is a major player and they are here to stay.

Superb nutritional products open to the global market along with a global opportunity with a network marketing giant.

The last thing to talk about regarding the Herbalife MLM is your online marketing system.

Yes, Herbalife provides you with a company website, however, they will not teach you how to effectively promote your business online.

Herbalife is a traditional network marketing company which primarily focuses on building your network via warm market methods such as home party, 3 foot rule, share it with your friends and family, business opportunity meetings, 3 way calls with your upline and other tedious ineffective marketing methods which work out for the overall company but not for 90% of thier distributors.

They will not teach you how to generate leads and sales online so it’s very important you utilize a proven online marketing system.

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Herbalife MLM Review


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