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by JustinVerrengia on June 27, 2011

Jeunesse GlobalJeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global gives their customers a 30 day return policy on all their products.

That alone tells you their products are remarkable which is a great sign.

Jeunesse Global offers nutritional products and skin care products with anti-aging solutions and cutting-edge technology involving adult stem cell therapy.

The word “jeunesse” is a French term which means “youth”.

The exciting part about the Jeunesse Global opportunity is it’s already global.

Jeunesse has been gaining massive exposure internationally and the floodgates to the world wide web are now open.

These are their 3 leading products:

  1. Cellular Rejuvenation Serum – contains a unique blueprint which restores your skins luminosity, smoothness and firmness
  2. Daily Moisturizing Complex – anti-aging skin hydration formula last up to 24 hours
  3. Reserve – a super nutritional product containing antioxidants

Wendy Lewis is a co-founder of Jeunesse Global who knew this product and opportunity was going to be something really unique and special as it has never been seen before in this industry.

This led Jeunesse Global to some gound-breaking technology with adult stem cell advancements.

Wendy Lewis along with her husband and co-founder Randy Ray have an astonishing track record over 2 decades long in the network marketing industry.

Their track record includes the following:

  • The fastest expansion in the history of network marketing
  • Developing over 15 millionaire earners
  • Over $77 million in commissions paid out to distributors
  • Experience in developing powerful back office support systems for their distributors

Now lets talk about the Jeunesse compensation plan which is called the Jeunesse Financial Rewards plan.

There are 6 ways you get paid in Jeunesse Global:

  1. Retail Profit
  2. New Customer Acquisition Bonus
  3. Team Commission
  4. Leadership Matching Bonus
  5. Customer Acquisition Incentive
  6. Leadership Bonus Pool

It pays weekly commissions on sales volume. You can get paid on infinite levels.

The big income in Jeunesse comes from building a team of Independent Sales Reps and training that team to market products and duplicate sales.

Overall their anti-aging products provide us with the fountain of youth at our disposal.

The Jeunesse opportunity is globally spreading and attracting some of this industries biggest hitters.

It might be worth taking a deeper look at for yourself.

Just keep in mind it’s your marketing plan of action and drive that is going to determine your level of success in Jeunesse Global or any other healthy looking income opportunity.

May the force be with you and continue to guide you, :)

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Jeunesse Global


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