KB Gold Scam? | 3rd Party KB Gold Review

by JustinVerrengia on January 6, 2012

KB Gold Scam? | 3rd Party KB Gold Review

Welcome to this KB Gold Scam? | 3rd Party KB Gold Review. Over a past couple of years, the global economy has been so volatile and uncertain that everyone is worried about the investments they have KB Gold Scammade & inside this KB Gold review you will find out if this is a good viable opportunity or not.

With the dooming markets, everyone is affected in one way or other. In such time of crisis KB Gold had emerged as a so called “savior” MLM program with high potential.

KB Gold Review – Smoking Gun

Over ages Gold prices have always appreciated and it is sought to be the best investment commodity. The so called KB Gold Scam Business is one such financial MLM distribution model which offers investing in gold products. With so much buzz about Gold recently, I had decided to write this KB Gold Scam? | KB Gold Review of the company.

3rd Party Unbiased KB Gold Review Declaration

Before I proceed I would like to tell that I have not enrolled in the alleged KB Gold Scam & thus you can expect this KB Gold Review to be unbiased and coming from 3rd party perspective.

KB Gold Review – The Company

KB Gold is a privately owned German Precious Metal company having their own gold mines and distribution. Having been in operation for over 18 years, they have recently begun to export their gold worldwide. I had read it online that KB Gold apparently states that they are Debt free.

KB Gold Scam – KB Gold Review – The controversy!

In recent years, when KB gold was on the expansion mode, one of its competitors had filed a lawsuit against the company in the court of law which had triggered lot of online rumors like KB Gold being a Scam. Continuing this KB Gold Review I later discovered all the charges were proven out to be false allegation and the case was dismissed.

KB Gold Scam – the product and the Savings Scheme

  • The KB Gold Scam product is pretty unique. The company allows people to buy very small gold bullion bars (.5 – 1.0 grams) and put the value in a “savings account”. It is like a gold saving scheme where you can accumulate small amount of gold every month and hence you receive certification that validates your payment made for the purchase.
  • Gold has always been the most precious metal and its value has always appreciated with time, thus the KB Gold Scam savings plan helps you retain your wealth as it is used as a Gold savings retirement plan whereby you are keeping a lot of Gold for your future time of retirement.
  • Exclusive Referral Rewards system and Residual Income which can be paid out in Cash or Gold as per the customer’s choice.

KB Gold Scam? | 3rd Party KB Gold Review – Making Money?

Like with most MLM companies, the income comes only when your downline expands. Though many people will only be content by the so called KB Gold Scam savings scheme accumulating small amounts monthly.  The real income will be actually made by people of high potential who will grow their team.

The so called KB Gold Scam pays in 5 ways including CAB Bonus, Retail Profits, Residual Earnings, and two other world-wide bonus pools. The best thing about the alleged KB Gold Scam is that since it is a globally renowned program, an effective marketer can generate a sizeable downline worldwide making it grow to extremities.

One major concern I ran across when performing this KB Gold review is the fact that Gold is so valuable to the fact our own governments around the world go to war with nations over it as well as raid gold form their own citizens. Take for example the Gold Seize Act of 1931 which occurred in the USA where our own government made it illegal to own Gold and confiscated each and every last bit of it from the people.

Personally, I do not feel at ease & comfortable having a certificate saying I own gold, if it’s not in your possession then you do not own it in my book my friend and with all the banking scams floating around banks/lenders are willing to lend you fiat currency not even in existence, gold can be manipulated the same way… so be very very careful.

Hence writing about KB Gold review, I have found that there is no indication of the KB Gold business being a KB Gold Scam – or fraudulent company. While performing this KB Gold review I discovered a good quality business model and a great compensation savings plan, but this all is not enough to ensure success of the company in the long run. Hence it is advisable to all those who wish to join the program to use effective marketing strategies to produce leads and attract people worldwide.

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Hope you enjoyed reading this KB Gold Scam | 3rd Party KB Gold Review.

Your empowered friend,

Justin Verrengia
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KB Gold Review

KB Gold Scam? | 3rd Party KB Gold Review


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