Melaleuca Scam Review | Melaleuca Products

by JustinVerrengia on November 15, 2011

Melaleuca Scam Review | Melaleuca Products

Hello and welcome to my Melaleuca Scam Review of the Melaleuca business opportunity as well as Melaleuca products.Melaleuca Scam

Before I begin this Melaleuca Scam Review of the Melaleuca Products I would like to disclose the fact that I am NOT a Melaleuca distributor or associated with the Melaleuca business opportunity in any way, shape, or form.

This Melaleuca Review is a honest 3rd party evaluation of the Melaleuca Scam, Melaleuca Products as well as Melaleuca business opportunity.

I am also going to offer you some helpful marketing tips specifically for those struggling as well as frustrated with their current level of success within whatever business opportunity you happen to already be involved with.

Melaleuca Scam Facts:

  • The Melaleuca business is a network marketing company which sells preferred memberships allowing you to earn money off the efforts of your personal network.
  • Active members (business builders) must be on monthly autoship for the required minimum in order to make money off of members that join the Melaleuca Scam or purchase Melaleuca products off of you.
  • New distributors are suppose to be mentored by their upline and or sponsor. The only problem I see with this is that most network marketers don’t understand how to successfully market or mentor their downlines in the first place. They tend to focus everything on traditional old school warm marketing techniques versus “The Internet”.

Melaleuca Products:

The Melaleuca Scam product line seems to offer good quality products priced at a competitive prices.

My favorite part is the fact that they use all natural ingredients such ass natural tree oils to make their Melaleuca products.

My research conducted in this Melaleuca Scam Review made me aware of over 300 different Melaleuca products within their diverse product line backed with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

This impressed me the most. Distributors and customers alike seem to love their Melaleuca products so that is awesome.

The following are the various kinds of Melaleuca products offered:

  • Health Care Products
  • Beauty Products
  • Cosmetics
  • Home Cleaning Products

Melaleuca Business Opportunity:

The primary objective of building a residual income stream inside of the Melaleuca Scam business is recruiting distributors and customers into your business, building and nurturing that downline.

Just like in any other MLM you have to be a personal recruiting machine in order to build a successful sizeable downline because the majority of distributors don’t make it past their first 3-6 months in the business an quit due to getting frustrated with not being able to make money or lack of funds to continue on their month Melaleuca products autoship.

As just like with most MLM’s the majority of Melaleuca distributors don’t make any true residual income and struggle with their Melaleuca business opportunity.

This is not the poor distributors fault, however, the issue is the fact that these traditional network marketing companies are designed for the top 5 percent in the Melaleuca Scam to make the majority of ALL the money while the reaming 95% of them fail.

It’s a sad reality but it’s true, this is one of the reasons many people despise MLM in general.

Melaleuca Scam | Melaleuca Products Is It good?

Compared to the plethora of MLM companies in existence today overall Melaleuca is a decent MLM company with a proven long history so I highly doubt they go out of business anytime soon, however on the flip side of that coin their are faster and easier ways of making money from home, it’s just a matter of having the proper education and tools.

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Thanks for taking the time out and reading this Melaleuca Scam Review of the Melaleuca Products.

All the best,
Melaleuca Products

Melaleuca Scam Review | Melaleuca Products


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