Mike Dillard Review

by JustinVerrengia on February 17, 2012

Mike Dillard Review

Welcome to my Mike Dillard Review of the man, the myth, the legend himself as well as his products.Mike Dillard

Don’t worry I am NOT his affiliate nor will I try to sell you any of his products, this is in fact a unbiased 3rd party Mike Dillard review.

When I first began my Internet Marketing ventures approximately 5 years ago the name Mike Dillard seemed to appear everywhere I turned.

I mean I seriously could not escape it!

A short time later Mr. Dillard became a household name for online marketers.

There aren’t many Internet marketers who don’t recognize his name and accomplishments in our industry.

Mike Dillard Review – Magnetic Sponsoring

The product that made Mike Dillard super famous across the Internet is called “Magnetic Sponsoring”.

Magnetic Sponsoring is an attraction marketing blueprint he put together which teaches you how to successfully recruit people on the Internet.Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring also has an affiliate program as do most online products in which affiliates can earn commissions from selling Mike Dillards course.

Magnetic Sponsoring is considered 1 of the best online marketing courses & affiliate programs of all time but does it live up to it’s hype?

Here is my take on it, coming from my perspective of being a professional online marketer for about 5 years now.

When you market Magnetic Sponsoring, Mike Dillard is the biggest winner…


Let me reiterate that and explain why…

Because the course is branding Mike Dillard and not YOU, this is the missing variable most newbies to online marketing seem to miss.

If you want to step up your game you can do so by creating your own product, course or service which is branding YOU.

Then you can create an affiliate program and have other marketers pushing your course all over the Internet just like Mike Dillard did while you sit back and collect the affiliate commissions.

This is how you spread like wild fire and these secrets not many gurus are going to share with you.

Mike Dillard Review – The Elevation Group

Another very popular product Mike Dillard released back in 2010 is The Elevation Group in which I signed up for an annual subscription when it first launched.

The Elevation Group is all about Black Box Investment Strategies Of The Rich and I purchased my membership specifically so I can learn more insider information about where & how to buy Gold and Silver.The Elevation Group

I admit I did learn a lot of valuable information going through the video trainings inside The Elevation Group, and it taught me a lot about banking as well as investing.

But for me personally, it wasn’t worth it for me to renew my annual membership at the end of the year so I let it go and am currently no longer a member of The Elevation Group nor do I promote it.

I feel it’s a viable product but at the same time I feel there is plenty of free knowledge available on the Internet to learn black box investment strategies.

From my experience, The Elevation Group did not convert well as far as affiliate sales were concerned compared to other programs I have marketed in the past.

I just got an email today on 2-16-12 from Mike Dillard stating he currently has over 300,000 subscribers on his autoresponder list.

To me, Mr. Dillard is impressive simply because he has accomplished amazing things as an entrepreneur that not many people have done.

I admire him, I am happy for his success & I wish him continued positive growth in the future.

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Thanks you for taking the time out to read this Mike Dillard Review, I hope you gained a lot of value out of it.

Your empowered friend,

Justin Verrengia
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Mike Dillard Review

Mike Dillard Review


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