Monavie Juice Business Review

by JustinVerrengia on June 25, 2011

Monavie Juice Business ReviewMonavie Juice

The Monavie juice home based business opportunity all started back in January of 2005.

Let me fast forward to present day where Monavie now operates in more than 15 different countries, which has a approximated annual sales of $1 billion.

The particular crown treasure from the Monavie juice business is the world renowned Acai Berry, discovered only above huge palm trees from the lush and abundant Amazon Rainforest of Southern America.

Very honestly, the Monavie juice business has had remarkable development to the purpose which they possess a impressive compensation plan, a good product, and visionary leadership.

With supporting their Jewish Monavie clients (Israel is among many countries in Monavies marketplace) they even offer a special kosher product addition.

This thoughtfulness just isn’t something typically found in a MLM business.

Monavie juice provides a binary business model with one of quite possibly the most worthwhile pay-out compensation plans inside the entire network marketing industry.

This means that you will be rewarded based on successfully constructing two teams.

If you’re a Monavie juice rep, you will be eligible for different bonuses along with various commissions.

Monavie spends vast amounts of money in scientific research and is focused on removing the lock on, sharing, and guarding the best unique, health giving assets the world population has to offer.

The cost of creating the Monavie juice is definitely high, as a consequence the price.

If it was affordable and comparable to what individuals actually spend, most people would purchase it and more reps would make more money.

Monavie juice is an amazing business but can not work for very many of its reps.

One of the biggest reasons why the Monavie juice business does not work properly for most people could be because of the high monthly autoship price of the Monavie juice which is $139 a month to remain an active rep within the organization.

In current day’s economic environment it’s hard in order to keep a decent retention rate when you have a product priced over $100/month.

And so there are a great deal more people leaving Monavie via the backdoor then climbing onboard.

Almost everything comes down to the poor retention rate.

Monavie is a brilliant company and so I would say to anyone considering to join, then get started!

Just always make sure that you realize precisely what is a part of generating a thriving network marketing company, and don’t be any type of those people caught up at the bottom among the commissions ladder, it’s just a waste of one’s time, money & diligence.

I’m guessing you’ll know very well what I have explained here, being the only difference between what you do today and who you can turn into is based on your daily habits mixed with your marketing techniques in place.

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