MPB Today Scam? MPB Today Review You Decide

by JustinVerrengia on January 6, 2012

MPB Today Scam? MPB Today Review You Decide

After reading this MPB Today Scam | MPB Review you decide if it’ s a scam or not. MPB Today, a company started in Pensacola, Florida has revolutionized the online grocery sales business.

MPB Today known as “My Premiere Business” MPB Today Scamwas established in 2006 by group entrepreneurs who had a vision to provide direct sales services of grocery products to doorsteps of people.

Offering over 10,000 high quality and branded grocery products like vegetables, meat, milk etc, MPB Today aims to become the largest grocery product supplier online.

According to this MPB Today Review, by being its member, one can have wide variety of grocery products to choose from which is based on over thousands of quality products that are available at your local grocery store. Membership starts from $200 which is your first order of groceries with annual maintenance fees of $10.

MPB Today Scam? | MPB Today Review – Compensation Plan

With the global economy still feeling the jitters of the current slowdown, everyone today is trying to have an extra source of income and save as much as they can on their bills.

MPB Today with its exclusive compensation plan offers an opportunity for cutting down grocery expenses and earn income side by side as well.

The MPB Today compensation plan follows a 2 x 2 Follow Me matrix.

For joining an individual has to pay $200, which can be used by them to make initial purchase of the groceries.

Then you refer people into the business who in turn refer more under them in their downline and this way the cycle keeps on circulating.

This entire process where the team has 6 people out of which two people have been sponsored by the top most member is called cycling and once and individual have cycled, he gets good commission in lieu of business generated.

MPB Today Scam? MPB Today Review

Cost-free Groceries for Life – MPB Today Scam? | MPB Today Review

Calling MPB Today Scam is not at all valid, but the program certainly has some shortcomings.

  • Firstly the cost attached to purchase grocery is almost equivalent to what is being charged in local grocery stores, shipping charges adds an extra burden on the clients.
  • The only way to earn here as well, like in all MLM programs is to CYCLE. So for the people who are not able to CYCLE or recruit well , they will certainly not make any good amount with the so called MPB Today Scam.

MBP Today Review – Final Verdict

Hence with all the facts read and presented, the alleged MPB Today Scam seems to be a very rock solid business with great leadership and fundamentals laid down.

One should always remember that no matter how good the company is or no matter how great their services or product is, unless you have a well laid marketing plan and inner zeal to do well, and put in efforts towards it , you may never be successful.

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Thank you for reading this smoking gun MPB today Review. Please stop by again soon.

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MPB Today Review

MPB Today Scam? MPB Today Review


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