Numis Network MLM Business Review

by JustinVerrengia on July 1, 2011

Numis Network MLM Business ReviewNumis Network MLM Business

The Numis Network MLM business is a network marketing company located in Tampa, Florida who deals with gold and silver numismatic coins.

The Numis Network MLM officially launched in August of 2009 which is about 2 years ago from the date of this review.

The aim of the Numis Network is to take over the global gold and silver numismatic coins sector becoming the largest dealer in the world.

Numis hit the nail on the head when they decided to use the network marketing business model to fuel their opportunity.

The Numis Network is clever indeed as it takes advantage of the silver and gold bullion industry which is about to explode,however, they fail at tapping into this sleeping giant.

There is a huge demand for gold and silver right now but how many people are looking for numismatic coins in particular?

If you are paying attention to the world stage being played out right now by the world leaders (Bilderberg,Illuminati, or whatever name you want to call them) then you realize why world empires such as Amercia(U.S. Government) is printing fiat currency and dumping it into our economy at mind-numbing levels.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the prices of gold and silver are going to sky-rocket as the U.S. Dollar continues to be devalued.

Have you ever studied history? The Roman empire ring a bell?

Many experts predict the dollar will either crash and be worthless or we will experience hyper-inflation, either way you look at it, the dollar is doomed to fail and gold and silver prices will rise like in repeated history.

The cost to join the Numis Network MLM business is $495 which is a one-time fee plus $99 a month to purchase at least 1 numismatic coin so you can remain active in the Numis Network business opportunity.

When you join Numis Network they provide you with your own affiliate website and back office, along with additional bonuses to help you start attracting customers into your business.

The Numis Network MLM business is a legitimate business opportunity offering a real product.

Money is made by selling product(coins), by selling the business opportunity and for building a network of distributors.

The residual income is created based upon your monthly autoship customer sales.

Their lucrative compensation plan is based on a Binary model, and offers unique matching bonuses.

Overall I think the Numis Network MLM business is a solid opportunity.

My only concern thus far with the Numis Network MLM business is the fact of only being in business for less than 2 years.

How long will the Numis Network MLM business last before it either goes out of business or gets shut down by uncontrollable government forces.

Or will they defy all odds, continue on their mission and become the largest seller of numismatic gold and silver coins?

Time will tell for the Numis Network MLM business, in the meantime what’s your game plan?

Do you even have a marketing plan in place right now?

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Numis Network MLM Business


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