One24 Review

by JustinVerrengia on July 14, 2011

One24 ReviewOne24 Review

This One24 Review is going to provide you with the straight up facts surrounding One24 as we cut through all the massive hype and nonsense this particular MLM has been receiving since it’s inception in July of 2010.

The founder and CEO of One24 is Network Marketing legend Mark Seyforth.

Mark has an impressive background, creating millions of dollars in his 20′s and introducing the first protein shake diet to the MLM industry.

He is also the man responsible for designing the Herbalife compensation plan which today is a major multi-billion dollar empire.

One24 has their home office located in Melbourne, Florida.

Their product is called “Natraburst” which is a Super-Foods Blend loaded with antioxidants as well as other nutrients.

The One24 product will basically provides a plethora of healthy benefits to your body including weight loss, anti-aging as well as increased energy.

In digging up bulk-loads of data while conducting my research I encountered numerous negative One24 reviews saying things such as “One24 Scam” or “One 24 Scam Exposed” or “One 24 Scam Review, etc.

The truth is all people perceive things differently and often times have interior motives.

Truth is you can find the word “Scam” next to any business opportunity because marketers understand most people gravitate towards negativity and will click on their page hence why the word “Scam” next to a MLM is usually the most popular searched term.

On the other side of this One24 Review I have a business partner who is actually involved in One24 and he loves it.

In fact, just 4 months into the business and his residual income is already over $1,700. I know because he showed me his paycheck and in addition has published it online.

Another impressive fact is so many of his teammates who are average Joe’s are also making money which is UNHEARD OF in MLM. I know because he published many of his teammates paychecks online as well to share as proof.

My favorite aspect of One24 is without a doubt their amazing retention rate. A high retention rate is the secret to true long term residual income.

One24 Reviews are going to have mix reviews and vary depending upon the author’s main intentions more than anything else.

The average retention rate for MLM companies after 1 year is 5-15%. This simply means if you signed up 100 customers in your average MLM, then after 1 year only 5-15 of those 100 people will be active on monthly autoship.

On the contrary with One24, the company 1 year retention rate is over 80% which is currently the highest this industry has ever seen.

Another major component about One24 that I’m going to point out in this One24 review is that the One24 opportunity is launching globally later this year.

If you are an Internet Marketer like myself then you understand that the Internet is a global marketplace and if a MLM is not Global then you are leaving too much money on the table.

What does separate One24 from the crowd of health and wellness MLM opportunities is its unique compensation plan.

One24 Review – Compensation Plan

One24 claims to pay out 50% of the companies income to it’s distributors.

The name One24 comes from this compensation plan which works like this.

Each distributor can only sponsor 1 person per month for 24 months.

Then on the 24th of each month they have what’s called the “Gold Rush” which is where all the distributors who didn’t utilize their green ticket for the month (meaning they didn’t sign anyone up) give their green tickets to the distributors in One24 who have already used their green ticket to sign up a new distributor so they can sponsor more people.

The compensation plan is strictly linear meaning that every single person in One24 who joins after you ends up underneath you.

One24 Scam? (Read This)

There aren’t any legs to balance and unlike many of the misleading One24 Scam reviews floating around on the Internet, One24 is NOT a scam because of the fact they have a product that is being bought which makes this legal and not an illegal pyramid scheme.

If you’re looking for a unique 1-2 year retirement plan which has never been done in this industry before then One24 may be for you.

It’s your marketing skill and plan of action which will ultimately determine your success in MLM.

My marketing plan allows me to personally sponsor 15 REPS month after month on average into my MLM while growing my team by approximately 98 new reps per month.

Click Here to join my One24 team or click on the image directly below to visit my One24 Blog. Be sure to opt-in to receive my One24 Black Vault Secrets video as a free gift.

One24 Secrets

I’m glad you did the smart thing and read this One24 Review all the way through, thanks for visiting my blog.

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