3rd Party Oriflame Review | Oriflame Product

by JustinVerrengia on January 13, 2012

3rd Party Oriflame Review | Oriflame Product

Are you looking for a 3rd Party Oriflame review of the opportunity as well as Oriflame product line?

You have come to the right place my friend. Oriflame ReviewWith this Oriflame review, I would like to help you in your research efforts of this business.

Nowadays, some MLM companies are known because of their big name and some as a result of their illegal scams.

Oriflame can be one such company that’s recognized for the phenomenal achievement of their products and their exclusive quality.

Oriflame was started back in 1967 as an in-house company, by two Swedish brothers named  Jonas and Robert, but today its dominance can be felt in much more than 60 countries.

Oriflame Review | Oriflame Product Range

Oriflame with its ever-growing network marketing and large line of products have become a leading organization in the cosmetic industry.

The best thing about their products is that they never do beta testing on animals.

With over 150 research technicians on their R&D team, they have been adding 100’s of new products to their product portfolio every year designed to meet changing consumer needs.

Oriflame products are related to skin care, colour cosmetics, fragrances, hair care products, accessories as well as wellness.

Oriflame Review – Compensation Plan

Oriflame has a direct selling compensation plan, which is commendable.

You have to pay 5 euros in order to become a individual consultant or distributor of the company.

Oriflame does not only offer commissions for every sale that you make; there are also different slabs of commission depending on how well you perform.

For example, if you hit product sales exceeding 150 euros, then you may qualify for a 30% commission slab.

Oriflame has a great learning and training program in order to help their consultants reach network marketing success and effectively sell the products.

Once you sign up, a consultant of the company will automatically become your mentor and help guide you through the process.

Oriflame Review – An Excellent Business Opportunity?

Yes! Oriflame is an excellent opportunity to make money.

When you become a consultant of the company you will get direct access to huge range of products which may assist you in getting your new business off the ground.

While preparing this unbiased Oriflame review I discovered that in order to be successful with the Oriflame business, you need to build a big group of consultants in your downline under you and to do this, you need to have exceptional marketing skills.

In the end I would like to say, this is an excellent company which can provide you with an outstanding rate of return in case you have the kind of business awareness required for it.

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Oriflame Product

Oriflame Review | Oriflame Product


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