Polaris Global Scam? | Polaris Global Review

by JustinVerrengia on December 7, 2011

Polaris Global Scam | Polaris Global Review

If the Polaris Global Scam really is a poor business model you will indeed find out here inside this Polaris Global Scam Review.Polaris Global Scam

When I started my research on the products of the Polaris Global Scam, as so many others call it, I came at it like I do any other business opportunity… with an open mind.

One thing that stuck out to me about the Polaris Global Scam business is the price range of their products.

The monthly auto-ship of Polaris Global is a hundred bucks.

Yes, you read that correctly. One hundred dollars a month.

Upon receiving your membership there are several other products you can purchase from the Polaris Global Scam.

As a distributor of the Polaris Global Scam you of course get these products for a little less than a non member.

For example the entry level product is $2,855 sold in three month intervals for one year.

The entry level product of Polaris Global includes motivational and self-help dvd’s, cd’s, manual guides, literally a library resource, journals, and over 400 hundred pages of instruction.

Are the products of the Polaris Global Scam worth thousands?

You decide.

The second entry level product of Polaris Global scam, as so many refer to it, is a live event for 2 at $1,695.

This event is called the Fountain Live and is usually held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The third product of Polaris Global Scam is also a live event for 2 at the cost of $9,995.

This event is usually 3 days or so and is held in Canada.

The final product, at least according to what they market on their main website, is the Influence Live Event for 2 and comes in at $16,245.

For the simple fact that the products of the Polaris Global Scam are so expensive makes it a business model for only specific groups of people.

This could be a good thing but if your looking to market a business that will attract all types of people regardless of how much they have in the bank, the Polaris Global scam opportunity is not the business for you.

Let’s face it.

Although I’m sure the educational motivational products are worth more than their weight in gold.

To the average person, in this economy, they just can’t budget a few extra hundred let alone the total of $25,000 for all the products of the Polaris Global Scam.

I’m not saying money can’t be made in the Polaris Global opportunity.

It all boils down to your marketing efforts anyway.

Without the proper marketing techniques and the proper amount of massive consistent action you can’t expect to build any home based business online.

One thing to keep in mind about Polaris Global is the fact they were originally named Liberty League, also referred to as Liberty League International.

Now, to most when this situation is heard the first thing that comes to mind is, “their a scam, that’s why they had to change their name.”

Not only is this naive it’s quite hilarious. LOL

If a business is found as an illegitimate business, trust me, the government bodies that are fueled by green backs will not overlook a simple name change.

Rather, the name change was for branding purposes.

Think of Amway. Huge, global company right?

Would most people join nowadays?

The answer in short, no.


Because they’ve been around too long.

In this industry it often times becomes a matter of timing.

They were smart by branding themselves with a new name so more distributors will join but then they changed it right back to their original name. LOL

So what’s my verdict?

Regardless of what you call them, Liberty League International, Polaris Global, or as the internet puts it The Polaris Global Scam, you must face the fact their products are genuine and the business model is sound.

Would I join the Polaris Global opportunity?

Nope. (With an emphasis on the p so it sounds like a popping sound.)

Today’s entrepreneur is not your typical blue collar business man or woman.

It’s you’re a bagger at the grocery store who has to find a way to provide for his wife and three children…

It’s the neighbor you ignore each Sunday because he mows his lawn promptly at five in the morning…

It’s the friend who calls just to say hello and share some kind words…

This market of people are young, old, educated and non educated…

One thing they are NOT ALL RICH!

In order for me to market a business I have to believe that the average person has a fighting chance.

In my opinion the Polaris Global Scam is not this type of business model but still holds tremendous value in an ever growing industry.

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I truly appreciate you taking the time out to read this valuable Polaris Global Scam review.

Polaris Global

 Polaris Global Scam? | Polaris Global Review


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