Primerica Online Review

by JustinVerrengia on July 12, 2011

Primerica Online Review Primerica Online

Primerica online, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia is the largest financial services company in the United States of America.

They owe their success to the amazing business model they chose which is the world renowned network marketing industry.

Primerica Financial Services began their international expansion back in 1986 with its launch in Canada and today in 2011 Primerica online is now doing business in approximately 90 different countries from all around the world.

Primerica online just recently went public during the first quarter of 2010, severing relations with its parent company CitiGroup.

As of today Primerica has a whopping sales force of over 100,000 licensed life insurance representatives.

If you Google Primerica online or read a Primerica online review you’ll notice lots of negative hype surrounding this MLM company and the reason for that is because of the fact it’s within the MLM industry which many ignorant people don’t respect nor do they understand.

There is an old saying, “People fear what they don’t understand” and I feel this is a very truthful parable because it’s so evident in all aspects of life.

Bottom line, Primerica Financial Services is an empire which has been in existence for 25 years now in one of the most highly regulated industries in the world.

“Buy term and invest the difference” is the phrase Primerica coined and made popular with their rising success.

It’s important to remember Primerica sells only “term life insurance” and policies range from 10-35 years.

Because this is “term” life insurance the monthly premium payments remain the same throughout the entire length of the insurance policy.

Now lets discuss the Primerica online business opportunity.

To become a business representative of Primerica online it cost $99 to join and $25 a month to access the Primerica online platform which gives you access to your back office, training, websites and everything you need to be in business for yourself.

Because Primerica online uses the network marketing business model they don’t waste corporate advertising dollars for their promotion but instead pay independent representatives like you and I to share and promote the Primerica Financial Services business opportunity with our warm market of influence.

The only issue with this approach is that our warm markets are very limited and eventually we run out of friends and family to buy from us.

This is when your business dies and most people quit, write a negative Primerica online review and then go look for the next latest and greatest business opportunity to join.

In order to make Primerica online a real income producing business opportunity you need to be able to attract a large quantity of targeted prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.

You need to consistently be generating these leads on a daily basis and also haveĀ  an effective follow up system in place to close those leads into sales on your behalf.

Would you like to see my exact MLM Marketing Blueprint I use which has allowed me to personally sponsor over 200 representatives into my MLM business in less than 1 year?

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Inside you will learn how to:

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Well I cracked the formula, so now all the above is a reality.

As always I appreciate you taking the time to read this Primerica online review and checking out my blog.

To your success,

Justin Verrengia
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Primerica Online


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