Quixtar Amway Review | Quixtar Scam?

by JustinVerrengia on January 5, 2012

Quixtar Amway Review | Quixtar Scam?

Quixtar Amway came into existence in 1999 which was founded by the so called Amway Scam to capture the online arena with a rock solid business idea to maximize the Quixtar Amwayproduct sales using the internet and online shopping.

The Quixtar business model was very similar to Amway’s, with only a twist in the idea of sales using the internet in an unconventional manner.

Quixtar Amway Product

The Quixtar Amway product line is huge ranging from household to health and nutrition products.

The so called Quixtar Scam also ventured into skin care, body, hair and diet products.

They had high quality cleaning and laundry products which made them market leaders of time.

Quixtar Scam? – Business Model

To start off business with Quixtar Amway does not require a huge sum to be invested. It was just an initial small amount to be paid upfront to become a company distributor.

Then it is entirely on the capability of the person to sell the product to the target market and make people join under him in their own downline.

With the growing team performance, profits too grew as the commissions used accumulated in large sums, and thus company too used to reward its distributor at higher levels with greater incentives.

Quixtar Amway Review | Quixtar Scam?

The best feature of the company was to introduce the concept of IBO or Independent business owner which states that in order to register with the so called Quixtar scam; you will have to join under someone who is already linked with the company and work as his downline.

Thus whenever your downline sells a product the compensation plan takes care of the upline by giving them appropriate percentage of the commissions.

Quixtar Amway – The Positives

  • You will be on your own boss, your hard work will reap fruits for you and can make you achieve greater heights in life.
  • Quixtar Amway is a well known brand that has been working since ages so has solid stability.
  • With huge variety of products to offer, individuals with smart marketing techniques can cater to a very large segment of market.

So is Quixtar Scam?

Definitely Not! Success does not come easy.

Anyone who is not willing to do hard work and dig deep to generate qualified leads may not be able to achieve success with Quixtar.

It is a performance oriented business and clever marketing skills are required to sell products online.

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Amway Review

Anyone who says Quixtar Scam must be someone who did not have good run with the program. Quixtar and Amway are not scams.

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Quixtar Scam

Quixtar Amway Review | Quixtar Scam?


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