Send Out Cards MLM Review

by JustinVerrengia on July 9, 2011

Send Out Cards MLM Review Send Out Cards MLM

The Send Out Cards MLM all started back in 2004 by a man named Kody Bateman and has experienced an average growth rate of approximately 71% per year.

Send Out Cards is an Internet based greeting card MLM company that sends out real physical cards to peoples home mailbox on your behalf.

Located inside Salt Lake City, Utah, the Send Out Cards MLM company produces above $70 million per year in gross sales volume and has processed over a whopping 40 million card request.

The Send Out Cards MLM is a debt free and privately owned organization.

The unique aspect about Send Out Cards is the fact they don’t have any real competition.

American Greetings and Hallmark are 2 major players in the greeting card niche market that come to mind, however, both companies lack the ability to fully customize and mail out your greetings on your behalf.

Oh yea, by the way the 2 greeting card companies mentioned above don’t offer a business opportunity with the chance to earn long term residual income either.

The Send Out Cards MLM company even have a system in place which automates the marketing follow up process for you which is a huge benefit to consider.

Send Out Cards allows you to send out promotional postcards in under 60 seconds which can be sent to your leads/prospects, you can send schedule reminders, thank you for doing business with us cards, follow ups, or even personal greetings.

Would you rather spend .62 per greeting card with Send Out Cards or about $4 a pop with Hallmark?

That question is a no brainer as you can see, competition doesn’t exist for the Send Out Cards MLM.

I took the time to interview several dozen random Send Out Card MLM distributors and all of them had nothing but positive things to share about the company, business opportunity and their product.

This is a great sign when the reps don’t have any complaints, usually reps areĀ  full of them so this was shocking to hear.

Send Out Cards is a network marketing company so you can build a residual income by growing a network of distributors.

Top Send Out Cards MLM income producers earn upwards of 7 figures a year by building this business opportunity.

The key to the money is in the ability to share the product/opportunity with a massive amount of qualified prospects.

Which brings us to the million dollar question, “How many leads are you generating daily?”

If you aren’t generating at least 10-20 new qualified leads daily then you need to seriously check out this training and pay very close attention before doing anything else.

It will save you a ton of your precious time and money so do yourself a favor and tap into this MLM training right now.

I hope you enjoyed this Send Out Cards MLM review and I thank you for visiting my blog.

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Send Out Cards MLM Review


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