Shaklee Scam | Shaklee Vitamins Review

by JustinVerrengia on January 3, 2012

Shaklee Scam | Shaklee Vitamins Review

Inside this Shaklee Scam | Shaklee Vitamins review I will be talking about Shaklee which is actually one the largest MLM Nutritional companies inside the United States.Shaklee Scam

I have been involved in network marketing for quite some time now but I am not at all linked to the Shaklee Scam or Shaklee Vitamins in any way & thus this can be called a 3rd Party Shaklee Vitamins Review.

Shaklee has been in business for over 50 years and is considered a debt free company having over 1 million distributors worldwide.

Shaklee Vitamins & products are readily available in grocery stores.

Shaklee has grown big because of Roger Barnett who has been the man behind the success of Shaklee and has given his insightful life to the growth of the project.

Shaklee Vitamins Review: Product

The main strength of Shaklee is its product.

Unlike other MLM companies where people join because of better pay plans or good incentives, people join Shaklee because of its product.

Shaklee has been promoting the use of its biodegradable products and everything they sell is environmental friendly.

Shaklee Vitamins and products range from weight-loss to skin care, house hold cleaners to water cleaners and much more.

Shaklee Scam: A Fair Compensation?

Yes! Of course you can get rich with Shaklee.

The compensation plan followed at Shaklee gives a great opportunity to make good passive income.

Just like any other MLM, Shaklee too is a team effort.

You need to position yourself higher to make vital use of your downlines leverage and should have effective marketing tactics to generate leads online every day.

You earn money here through various methods like doing hard work on your own and getting paid for it , or your downline works and you get paid commission for their work ( In this you can get a certain commission for up to 4 generations of business leaders in your downline)

Conclusion – Shaklee Scam?

It’s a Big NO.

Shaklee Scam | Shaklee Vitamins Review

Shaklee is too big to be a SCAM, been operating for over 50 years and having their network in 7 countries, Shaklee does NOT seem to be a SCAM.

Their products are used by NASA and endorsed by many famous celebrities.

But to be successful in Shaklee which is a company with very strong management, an effective compensation plan and high quality products, you need to think outside of the box to promote the product and generate sales and produce effective leads.

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Thanks for reading this Shaklee Scam | Shaklee Vitamins review.

Yours in mastery,

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Shaklee Vitamins

Shaklee Scam | Shaklee Vitamins


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