Bad Ass Amega Wand Review | The Amega Wand

by JustinVerrengia on December 3, 2011

Bad Ass Amega Wand Review | The Amega Wand

Is it even possible that the Amega Wand can actually rejuvenate on a cellular level?the Amega Wand

If you type in Amega Wand review or Amega Wand testimonials you can see tons of videos that showcase the products extraordinary power of the Amega Wand.

Even when used on items like lemon juice, the Amega Wand has literally been known to make the lemon actually taste sweeter!

I’m not a scientist so I cannot tell you exactly how the mechanics of the crystals inside the Amega Wand work but I can share with you my own personal experience with the Amega Wand and their other products as well as its effect on me.

About a year ago I purchased the Amega Wand for $250.

To some, that’s a lot of cash to spend on a product you’re not even sure works.

I’ll share with you a little more about my background.

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by all things esoteric.

From unlocking spiritual abilities to extraterrestrial beings to learning ancient knowledge and natural remedies, it all intrigues me.

It is my passion to inquire and learn all about these things.

So when I learned about zero point energy and about Amega Global I knew I had to experience it.

When my first Amega Amwand arrived, (Yes, that’s right, I ended up ordering more than one ;-) ) I wanded everything in sight.

Water, natural homemade juice, food, fruits, even myself and other people!

I was literally a wanding machine with my Amega Amwand.

I have been practicing the art of meditation my whole life and could instantly feel the energy of the Amega Global Amwand.

It’s not the case for everyone.

I would wand someone and ask them if they feel anything and occasionally you get a person or two that says no.

It is often times made quite clear in this individuals eye’s that they have no belief in such technology and are not open to receive it.

Then most people can almost instantly feel the intense energy of the Amega Wand.

I’ve also witnessed that with prolonged wanding the subject will literally fall asleep while under the intense crystals of the Amega Amwand.

Sleep when one has been wanded by the Amega Global AmWand is incredibly sound and refreshing.

Now what about the Amega Wand business opportunity?

To be honest, I have no clue!

The material provided for the business are old school, incomplete and not presented in a manner I can fully understand therefore, this is NOT a MLM Company I would recommend anyone to build.

This doesn’t change the value of their products.

For as I have mentioned above I have purchased not one but 2 zero point energy Amega Global AmWands along with their necklace pendant and their bio energetic bracelet and they are my best friend.

For me, the Amega Wand and other zero point energy and bio energetic products are great and I would recommend them to anyone who is open minded about holistic treatment.

Interested in learning more about these zero point energy and the Amega Global products check out my esoteric blog page dedicated to Zero Point Energy.

Your fellow jedi light warrior,

Justin Verrengia

Amega Wand

 Bad Ass Amega Wand Review | The Amega Wand


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