USANA Scam | 3rd Party USANA Review

by JustinVerrengia on January 11, 2012

USANA Scam | 3rd Party USANA Review

Before I begin with this USANA Scam | 3rd Party USANA Review, I would like to mention that that I am in no way associated with the alleged USANA Scam; neither am I there distributor nor I am recommending or using their products. So this is indeed a 3rd Party USANA Review.USANA Scam

USANA is a company that came into existence in the year 1992 by Dr. Myron Wentz, who believed in his vision that he could give the world a better medical product using his long experience in the similar field of sciences.

While writing this 3rd Party USANA Review, I had found that the so called USANA Scam was operating in over 16 countries worldwide.

USANA has been manufacturing many nutritional products, vitamins, and skin care products. USANA being a Networking company is involved in direct sales of its products through its worldwide network of Independent distributors.

What USANA has to offer – Products

Maintaining their high standards and quality, their products come at a bit of a high cost.

USANA basically promotes its product line of Skin care products and essential nutritional supplements which if used daily helps in supplying optimal nutrition to the body of every age group individual.

USANA diet products are full of vital proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins providing very healthy source of nutrition to the body.

USANA Scam | 3rd Party USANA Review - The Compensation Model

Just like many other MLM companies, USANA too is using the Binary Model of compensation having their products promoted by Independent networkers. Just like it happens in the Binary model, members join under other members in their downlines and process orders for which they make money.

The USANA compensation model is good in this industry as compared to its competitors which pay a lesser amount of commissions and incentives as compared to the alleged USANA Scam.

The best way to make money in any MLM program is to recruit people to join your team as more people recruited would lead to higher number of products sales, thus there will be good revenue generation.

USANA – Should one join it?

With so many health and nutrition network marketing programs around, it is always suggested to do some thorough research before joining any particular company.

USANA does NOT seem to be a scam because it has excellent products that are backed by extensive scientific studies. As far as allegation and failures are concerned, USANA is just like any other MLM where hard work is required and people who shy away from it lead themselves to their own failures.

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Thanks for reading this USANA Scam | 3rd Party USANA Review. This USANA Review is a independent 3rd Party USANA Review and this blog is jampacked with dozens of MLM Reviews.

Yours in success,

Justin Verrengia

USANA Review

USANA Scam | 3rd Party USANA Review


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