ViSalus Sciences Body By Vi Review

by JustinVerrengia on July 26, 2011

ViSalus Sciences Body By Vi ReviewViSalus Sciences

With all the massive buzz and hype surrounding ViSalus Sciences as well as their flagship Body By Vi product right now on the Internet, it is essential you read this ViSalus Sciences Body By Vi Review up until the very end simply because IT WILL help you make an intelligent decision.

While I was conducting my diligent research on Visalus, reviewing and analyzing various ViSalus Sciences websites as well as Body By Vi reviews I was shocked at all the “biased bull-crap” I was finding which read titles like “ViSalus Scam” or “Body By Vi ViSalus Scam“, etc. you get my point.

This is NOT A Visalus Scam Report, however quite the contrary because after doing my due diligence I was amazed at their flagship Body By Vi Challenge product as customers are loosing weight faster then a fat kid could eat cake.

In fact, even though Visalus Sciences has been in the MLM industry since 2005, just recently in January of 2010 Visalus has been exploding exponentially due to the remarkable success of their Body By Vi product as well as various other super-nutritional Visalus Shakes.

Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, Ryan Blair sits as the chairman of the board and CEO of ViSalus Sciences.

As of today writing this ViSalus Sciences Body By Vi Review, it is July 26th, 2011 and they have developed the ViSalus company over a whopping 1,200% just in the past couple years and get this…

They are giving away beautiful luxurious Beamers through their new exciting BMW car program to their leaders in shockingly large numbers which basically means “a lot of distributors” are making “a lot of money” with the ViSalus Sciences MLM business along with their Body By Vi Challenge product.

ViSalus is NOT a scam, it is without a doubt a viable legit MLM company with a remarkable product line consisting of Visalus Shakes (weight loss), energy drinks, health supplements and Visalus even has a cutting edge anti-aging product line.Body By Vi

The ViSalus Sciences Body By Vi challenge is where customers go on a 90 day weight-loss regimen.

The staggering amount of Visalus customer testimonials from this Body By Vi challenge proves once and for all that the Visalus Shakes along with their entire health and wellness product line is “creme of the crop.”

The cheapest way to get started in the ViSalus Sciences MLM business opportunity is with their affordable $49 basic package.

ViSalus also offers more expensive packages such as a $499 Executive Success package and also a $999 package for those serious business builders looking to take full advantage of all the tools and products ViSalus Sciences has to offer.

ViSalus Sciences Compensation Plan – SHOW ME THE MONEY

After analyzing those bogus ViSalus scam reviews and ripping them a new ***hole I come to the conclusion the Visalus compensation plan offers a lot of money to be made with their uni-level platform.

ViSalus Sciences distributors can get paid various different ways including personal sales, fast start bonuses, leadership pools, a BMW car program and of course residual income.

If you are looking for a successful explosive health and wellness MLM company then I encourage you to consider ViSalus Sciences by personally taking the Body By Vi challenge for yourself.

As of today ViSalus is set to launch in Canada on September 9th later on this year (2011) expanding globally.

No, I am not a ViSalus distributor trying to sign you up under me.

I don’t care what MLM company you are in or which MLM company you decide to join.

This ViSalus Sciences Body By Vi Review was written with no other intentions but to provide you with unbiased facts and truth surrounding ViSalus.

The bottom line is that your success in ViSalus or any other viable MLM business depends upon how many targeted leads you can generate on a day-to-day basis.

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Thanks for reading this ViSalus Sciences Body By Vi Review.

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All the best,

Justin Verrengia

ViSalus Sciences Body By Vi Review


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