What Is Market America | Market America Scam?

by JustinVerrengia on January 7, 2012

What Is Market America | Market America Scam?

Inside this 3rd party smoking gun What Is Market America Review you are going to learn the truth behind the alleged Market America Scam as I present you with the facts about this MLM company.

What Is Market America?What Is Market America

The alleged Market America  scam was established in early 1992 by JR Ridinger and his wife Loren.

They have been running their business exceptionally well and have had double digit growths in the financial quarters.

Over the last couple of years the company has grown at a staggering rate and as per a recent survey the alleged Market America scam  is about to touch a Milestone – which is $ 1 billion sales annually in the coming 2-3 years.

What Is Market America & Its Products?

The so called Market America scam is a very big retailer of high quality and market driven products like beauty products and healthy nutritional products and they advertise it with the most effective mode of advertising: Word of Mouth advertising.

They have been involved in marketing their products online and also by employing Independent Distributors.

What Is Market America: Business Model?

They work on the basis of One to one marketing.

Want and need is the old concept of marketing and they are pioneering that with good leadership skill set.

By simply fulfilling the needs of people they are pioneering the evergreen distribution model and it is easily facilitated with the word of mouth advertising and with the use of the Internet.

What Is Market America: The Positives:

  • The alleged Market America scam has been in operation for a long time which adds on to the trust factor.
  • They have been paying their members on weekly basis which is again a positive point as members do not have to wait for a month to get their paycheck.
  • Being privately run, they still make their audited annual reports available to public to let them understand the financials of the company and know the company well.
  • Management of the company is like a closely knit family with all the members still on the board since the inception of the company giving the best they can to make the alleged Market America scam even bigger which is reflected year to year in its ever growing annual sales.

What Is Market America? – Not Everything is Good about the Company

I can go on writing the positive facts about the company but like every network marketing company, the so called Market America scam too has some negative points adding to it.

As with any MLM company, a minimum sale is always required before you can get paid your accumulated commissions and incentives.

With its Binary compensation plan, you need to have a good working downline to generate more commission and sales.

Also, a certain amount of business volume has to be purchased in order to be paid full commission.

What Is Market America | Market America Scam? Final Thoughts

The alleged Market America scam is in fact NOT a scam.

What Is Market America bottom line? It is a very rock solid and powerful business model in its niche sector.

In the end I would like to wrap up by saying that their traditional old school concept of working business model has grown very old and they need to update with the times but still people are making money with Market America and they are the ones who have mastered the technique of using the Internet for their business expansion and who know how to market the products well.

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Kudos to you for checking out this What Is Market America | Market America Scam Review. Now you know what is Market America :)

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Market America Scam

What Is Market America | Market America Scam?


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