Xango Juice Review

by JustinVerrengia on June 30, 2011

Xango Juice Review xango juice

Xango Juice all started back in 2002 with only 14 employees and has grown into a international conglomerate, reaching well over 1 billion dollars in sales volume.

Fast forward 9 years later to the year 2011 and the Xango business opportunity now has over 1 million independent distributors with 28 distribution centers located worldwide.

Xango is a trend setter responsible for bringing the magical Mangosteen fruit into an affordable packaged product health drink.

Xango juice is considered a super nutritious juice jam packed with anti-oxidants, xanthones, flavonoids and other powerful all natural healing ingredients.

With over 40 different types of xanthones in the Xango juice formula, it is known to have enough antioxidant properties to strengthen the immune system, help improve joint function, heal cartilage as well as balance your intestinal and respiratory system.

Xango Juice guarantees superb product quality standards on every bottle of Xango Juice to each and every mangosteen tree.

Their corporate office is located in Utah.

Xango Juice is a private company which chooses not to reveal any financial statements.

With reaching over 1 billion dollars in sales in a Trillion Dollar plus health and wellness industry, Xango is considered a big dog MLM company.

What makes the company really stand apart is the fact that they pay out 50% of all their income to their distributors.

Xango juice has a unilevel pay plan which many consider among the best.

But the issue is the fact that the Internet, Industry and everything inside of it is constantly evolving and changing.

Newer age conceptualized compensation plans are becoming more and more popular.

Here is the dead honest truth, binary and unilevel are no longer the greatest compensation plans available, however, they are still great as long as they are not all by them-self.

Out with the old and in with the new, don’t get caught up in the matrix of time.

So overall this Xango Juice review is positive, they have earned a lot of respect and a great reputation inside of the network marketing industry.

The key factor to your success in Xango or any other MLM Companies has to do with your marketing plan and system in place which serves as your leverage to executing those plans.

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Cheers to your success,

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Xango Juice Review


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