YTB Scam? | YTB MLM Review

by JustinVerrengia on December 3, 2011

YTB Scam? | YTB MLM Review

Before I begin writing this YTB Scam review I want to tell you that I was, in the past, a YTB MLM distributor.

In fact YTB was the very first MLM company I began my network marketing journey with.

This is no way affects my views on the company or this YTB review.YTB Scam

Rather, it allows me to provide you with insider YTB MLM news you’d only know by being in the YTB scam itself.

When I joined YTB, it was basically a $500 dollar one-time investment and a monthly auto-ship of $50 dollars.

As opposed to the reduced price it is now of a one-time $249.95 dollar investment and the fifty bucks monthly maintenance auto-ship fee.

Back then, YTB was also selling a different type of product as well.

Now this is where some of the controversy in the YTB scam resides.

Many refer it to it as the YTB scam and it’s because of the privileges and ultimately the detrimental effect it could have on big business travel companies.

At that time, upon joining I received the title of “referring travel agent” and received my own agent identification number and credentials.

Joining the YTB MLM allowed it’s distributors to receive major discounts and at many times for free.

Let me share with you an example of what happened to me.

Actually, I can share with you countless times when I was a YTB MLM distributor or a “referring travel agent” and it privied me to perks and upgrades.

There were plenty of times my wife and I were upgraded to first class airplane seats just by asking if there were any available seats, I was a referring travel agent of YTB.

This actually infuriated old school travel agents.

They claimed it was a YTB Scam!

Yet they were not aware that YTB MLM agents must complete training from major cruise-lines like Cunard and Princess, etc.

We literally received 16 day free cruises because of the company some refer to as the YTB scam.

While on the free cruises we received upgraded cabins, exclusive membership bonuses, free liquor upon arrival, free soda upon arrival and so many more services and products we would have to otherwise purchase.

This fired me up about the YTB MLM business!

In recent years the YTB scam company is continuing to make lots of changes to many aspects to its business model.

Most likely due to the negative press in states like California and New York, where the YTB MLM is known widely as YTB scam, it has added new products like insurance and an online shopping mall portal.

YTB Scam? | YTB MLM Review

This was an attempt to produce more revenue in products rather by the selling of the website membership.

Doing so will end the label as YTB scam and thus allowing the YTB MLM to start building upon a sturdy foundation.

Time will surely aid in this growth process for YTB from being known as the internet known YTB scam.

Like most MLM companies you need large amounts of people in order to attain a substantial monthly income.

For example, in the YTB MLM opportunity you needed five-hundred strategically placed enrolled people in your organization to accumulate two thousand dollars guaranteed residual income with their directors program.

I’m not saying the YTB MLM is a scam but for duplication reasons, and being banned in major states like my home state New York and my childhood stomping grounds in California, it made it that much more difficult to build the business that is known today as the YTB scam.

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 YTB Scam? | YTB MLM Review


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