Zija Juice Review – Zija International Scam?

by JustinVerrengia on July 23, 2011

Zija Juice Review – Zija International Scam?Zija Juice

As I expose this Zija scam with shocking evidence it is vital you read this entire Zija juice review if you’re pondering joining the Zija International MLM business opportunity or purchasing ANY of their various health & wellness products.

The Zija juice company “Zija International” was originally formed back in 2004, however later on in the year 2006 Zija introduced the powerful MLM business model as their marketing arm, becoming a traditional network marketing company ever since.

There are 3 key owners of Zija Juice International who form a powerful trinity with over 50 years combined network marketing business experience in this exciting industry.

Ken Brailsford is the founder and CEO, Rodney Larson is their Executive President & Michael Hershberger is the Vice President of Zija International.

I know you want to know right now, is this a Zija Scam or is Zija juice a legitimate MLM business opportunity?

The excellent news is that the so called “Zija scam” is absolutely not a pyramid scam by any means necessary.

Zija juice is a real health and wellness network marketing business opportunity with an exceptional product line consisting of weight loss, nutritional, anti-aging and also energy products.

The secret ingredient is called “Moringa” and is the foundation of the Zija juice product line which is a newly discovered plant with incredible healing capabilities which is known to heal over 300 various health problems according to experts.

Zija juice includes sources of antioxidants, omega oils, vitamins, minerals, plant proteins as well as a plethora of vitamins & minerals.

Moringa is considered a miracle plant and Zija as stated on their mission plan is helping people live healthier and happier lives.

Zija juice is formulated for us to take approximately 15-30 minutes prior to our meal while on an empty stomach which helps the body absorb the maximum amount of nutrients in the food which we eat.

Retails customers of Zija juice must pay a $39 enrollment fee as well as 15-20% more for their products compared to Zija independent distributors who can both purchase and promote the Zija business opportunity with the purchase of a $200, $600 or $1,200 product package and agree to at least a $90 minimum monthly product autoship.

Yes, Zija independent distributors  must remain on autoship in order to remain Zija independent distributors of Zija International.

From my professional experience, a $200, $600 or $1,200 health package product line along with a $90 minimum monthly autoship price is a lot of money for average people, not to mention during an economic recession.

This could only mean 1 thing, the retention rate which is the most important factor for building long term residual income must absolutely be horrible in the Zija juice opportunity and I say that because I never ever in my 28 years on this earth have met a single person looking to spend $1,200 on vitamins.

Besides the whopping start up cost, $90 a month is no walk in the park for average Zija independent distributors, so duplication is going to be poor because when reps dont make any money within their first couple months they are going to quit and save their $90 a month which will squash whatever residual income you were on the verge of earning.

Ok now that you understand that this is no Zija scam let’s move on to the exciting part shall we.

The Zija Juice Compensation Plan

You get paid a total of 8 different ways in the unique Zija compensation plan which is really considered a crossbreed pay plan consisting of a binary overide system fused with a unilevel bonus structure.

The 8 ways to get paid are from direct sales commissions, network (team) commissions, bonuses based upon first time orders, a pretty powerful leadership check match, volume order rebate, multiple business centers as well as a couple different bonus pools.

The Bottom line, while many write, blog, and tweet “Zija Scam” (more than likely with ulterior motives) they are wrong because the Zija juice business is perfectly legal with viable products.

The best and quickest way to make money not just in Zija International but in ANY network marketing business opportunity is by personally sponsoring a lot of distributors directory underneath you and you do this by generating your very own targeted leads daily.

Learn how I personally sponsored 178 people into my network marketing business within 1 year along with making over 100 various product sales on top of it.

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I really appreciate you doing the smart thing and reading this entire Zija juice review and look forward to seeing you back soon.

“We are the one’s we have been waiting for” – Hopi proverb

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Zija Juice Review – Zija International Scam?


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