Zija Scam or Viable Business Solution?

by JustinVerrengia on February 15, 2012


Zija Scam or Viable Business Solution?

If you are checking out this so-called Zija Scam Review, then I am sure you are doing some research on the company and business opportunity linked to it. I can easily relate to that as I even do my own research on things before I make any decisions like this.Zija Scam

It’s normal human nature that every time we see the word “scam”, we become over cautious and may even step back, thus this is the perfect platform to let you know that the alleged Zija Scam is an honest business opportunity with viable products.

After reading this company review, you will be able to understand all about the company, its working business model, products and compensation plan, hence you can make an informed decision on whether this is the right opportunity for you or not.

Zija Scam? – Company History

Back in 2004, Ken Brailsford founded Zija with a vision to help create healthier and balanced lifestyles for people associated with it.

In the initial years of its launch, the company ventured only into the retail sector, but in the year 2006 it launched its extraordinary product line in health, nutrition and skin care products as well as making its first move into the network marketing industry.

The Product Line

The alleged Zija Scam has been promoting heavily in the health and wellness sector with an exclusive range of products such liquid nutritionals, skin care, weight loss, etc.

Company products are based on a very powerful biotanical substance named Moringa and this is why Ken Brailsford often boasts about his company’s products, which are able to help cure over three hundred wellness problems.

Zija Scam? – Compensation Plan

In order to become Zija distributor, you can start by paying as low as $200 which ranges up to $1,200 depending upon criterion levels.

The higher you pay the more products you get for direct selling at retail value. Zija

With this exceptional compensation plan, its associates can generate income through various ways such as:-

  • By retailing products
  • Recruiting new associated – Earn bonuses and commissions,
  • Training your downline to duplicate your efforts through recruiting their own distributors.

Zija Scam? Bottom Line – Is It A Scam Or Not?

“Zija Scam” allegations come from old associates who had joined the program, but couldn’t achieve any degree of success as they lacked adequate marketing skills to build a successful MLM business.

So Zija is NOT A SCAM, it is just like any other network marketing business, where your success is dependent on your ability to market your products well.

Lastly I would like to state that Zija is a very good business opportunity, but in order to achieve big success with this MLM model, I would recommend you think outside of the box for your marketing strategy and promotion of your products.

There is a reason why over 90% of network marketers fail to make any profit in this industry, so please don’t think like the 90%’ers. It is important to seperate yourself from the crowd.

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Thank you for taking out time to read this Zija Scam or Viable Business Solution? blog post.

Your friend in mastery,

Justin Verrengia

Zija Scam Review

Zija Scam or Viable Business Solution?


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