MLM Scams

MLM ScamsMLM Scams

With the myriad of business opportunities flooding the Internet and network marketing industry it’s no surprise there  are so many MLM Scams out there.

Federal agencies such as the Better Business Bureau ( cannot offer you advice on which opportunity is best.

However, they can provide you valuable information such as letting you know if the MLM Companies have BBB Accreditation or not.

To be accredited by BBB, a business must apply for accreditation and BBB must determine that the business meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.

MLM companies have been here for a really long time and some people like to believe all online companies are MLM scams.

This is a prejudice and simply isn’t true.

Yes, there are many MLM Scams inside the MLM industry which is unfortunate but on the other side of that coin, there are also plenty of legitimate MLM companies out there as well.

Top 5 Ways To Spot MLM Scams a Mile Away.

5.   Check Google and BBB and do your due diligence on researching the MLM company at question as well as it’s CEO.

4.   If there is no real tangible product. MLM Opportunities without tangible products are considered “Ponzi Schemes or Illegal Pyramid Schemes.”

3.   If the MLM company profits more than 50% from it’s business opportunity and less than 50%  from it’s product) it’s considered an Illegal Pyramid by authorities and when the MLM company get’s big enough it will eventually get shut down if it doesn’t go out of business first.

2.   No website to market with, no MLM company address on website, no company phone number on website, etc. We’re approaching 2012 (The Golden Age) and every legitimate MLM business should have a website with all their contact information on it. They should also offer at least a company landing page and sales page to all their distributors. Call the number and speak with someone from corporate and ask these questions.

1.   Intuition (Use your gut feeling). Whether you believe it or not it’s now scientifically proven that we are all physic to some degree. This is that Déjà vu moment or gut feeling(first instinct coming from our lower abdomen chakra called the Dan Tien).

I highly recommend calling your potential sponsor before you even join to help avoid MLM Scams. Many scam artist are afraid of the phone.

Ask him all your questions and trust in your gut.

May the force be with you,

Justin Verrengia
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MLM Scams