Top MLM Companies

Top MLM CompaniesTop MLM Companies

The above are the Top MLM Companies reviewed thus far.

This score is based on an abundance of factors taken into consideration including product, price, monthly cost, retention rate, comp plan, company track record, leadership, support, training, duplication, etc.

Here are the 5 pillars Top MLM Companies must have:


1.   Company Leadership Proven MLM Experience? – Ethics? – Integrity?

Have you actually read their Policies & Procedures? How Many pages? (Less is usually better)

Who does it protect? Comp plan set up to favor/protect distributors or company?

Allow ‘walkaway’ income? Loopholes to steal your commissions someday?

LONG TERM focus with a solid foundation, or “get rich quick” mentality?

Top MLM companies have a short, simple and sweet Policies & Procedures section.


2.   Timing of INDUSTRY and COMPANY

Who’s the TARGET MARKET for your PRODUCTS ? Huge demand? Future? Meet Long Term TRENDS? Run from Startups; More name recognition less of an opportunity. Find BALANCE.

Company Phase? Formulation – Momentum – Plateau ?


3.   Flagship PRODUCT(s) Have to be REMARKABLE Not over-priced CONSUMABLE!

Good enough that NON networkers will “take to the market” and keep re-ordering.

Purple Cow Attention getter, Stand out; Must also have other GOOD products;

Top MLM companies have remarkable products, bottom line.


4.   Comp Plan Pays part-time average person fair percentage

Rewards for promoting products, NOT for recruiting reps.

Pays on VOLUME not levels – Drives BEHAVIOR in the field.

BREAKAGE? REAL/ACTUAL commissions? Best ‘statistics’ -

‘TAC’ Total Avg Commission? ‘PTV’ Percentage of TOTAL volume ?



Best way for YOU to do the business ? Action Plan / Game Plan? Duplicatable?

Can EVERYBODY do it? Times have changed. Some things that worked just a few years ago, do not today. Many companies and TEAMS are using outdated systems and methods. Most people (92+% of population) do not like to sell or be sold.

Dr. Phil question: “How’s that working for you?”

Network marketing without duplication is dead.

These are the 5 pillars Top MLM companies must have in place in order to be considered a top MLM company.

If your current MLM company is missing any of the 5 pillars then I suggest you find a company which does because without a solid foundation you’re chances of making it big are next to slim.

What’s your marketing plan?

Did you watch my MLM Marketing Blueprint yet?  I highly suggest you do so now.

Do you have a duplicatable proven system?

To your success,

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Top MLM Companies